Pedogenesis (from the Greek pedo-, or pedon, meaning ‘soil, earth,’ and genesis, meaning ‘origin, birth’) is the science and study of the processes that lead to the formation of soil (soil evolution)

Stewardship of the land calls for return of that which has been borrowed.

Whether you are brand new to alternative agriculture, or a veteran of decades, we trust you will find some nuggets of value. The principles of responsible agriculture have not changed. We draw heavily on these principles and invite you to do the same.

What We Do:
We are committed to addressing the cause of the various problems that exist in agriculture today. We hold to the view that issues such as weeds, insects, disease, poor quality, tough tillage, poor residue breakdown, water holding issues (either too little or too much), and poor grain dry down are all symptoms. For those new to alternative agriculture this is a complete paradigm shift. Once you begin looking at things differently, effective solutions take on a whole new perspective; one that we believe is very sustainable and achievable.

We work with some great growers (both large and small) and regardless of where you are in the journey, we invite you to consider becoming one of them. We hope you enjoy your visit and please feel free to relay any questions you may have.

At Pedogenesis we focus on three key areas that are relative to the ultimate production of nutrient dense food and feed; consulting/soil services, product resourcing, and education/training.